You know we love Divi and you may or may not know that we offer hosting plans. But did you know that our favorite theme is also optimized for our web servers? That’s right! Elegant Themes just posted a great blog post about the benefits of Divi when powered by our hosting platform, Flywheel. Check it out:

Divi Hosting with The Collective / Flywheel
WordPress Hosting Thoughtfully Built for Busy Creatives

To be clear, Divi hosting simply refers to hosting that is geared toward websites using the Divi Theme. In this case, Flywheel is the hosting provider that has partnered with Elegant Themes to give customers a great experience for hosting their Divi sites.

Benefits of Divi Hosting with Flywheel

Full Support on Both Ends

Now when customers take advantage of Divi hosting with Flywheel, they can enjoy better customer support from both ends. Because Elegant Themes and Flywheel are now working together, our support teams can collaborate with each other to get issues resolved faster. Plus, we will provide support links in the Members Area to help the user find the help they need seamlessly.

This doesn’t mean Elegant Themes will offer dedicated hosting support directly or that Flywheel will offer dedicated Divi support. We want customers to keep getting the best support directly from the experts in their respective fields. If a customer has a hosting issue (eg. upgrading, downgrading, a hosting billing issue, etc), they should reach out to Flywheel.

Servers Optimized for Divi

Flywheel servers are specifically tuned for Divi in order to meet all of Divi’s requirements so that customers get high-end Divi hosting that is fast and reliable.

Divi Hosting customers also have access to additional CPU resources (more power) to ensure speedy importing of your Divi theme and snappy uncached traffic. We’ve also optimized PHP timeouts so your longer-running imports will still complete successfully. That means that more power is available for Divi hosting customers at no additional cost.

Integration and Easy Setup

With our Divi + Flywheel integration, users can sign up to Flywheel and create new Divi sites directly from the Flywheel Dashboard with a single click! No more having to download and install Divi manually, or verify username and API keys. You’ll have a fully functioning WordPress website with Divi pre-installed and configured with your Divi license.

Interested in one or more? Shoot us an email and let’s get a conversation going. We offer free advice and estimates on any project and a few times a year offer free web audits too (usually a $375 fee but keep checking the link for when we open them). We’re here for you and your business!