There’s no denying that our new normal has changed. Many companies have moved remotely, while some have furloughed employees, and others are even trying to ride out the storm while maintaining social distancing. Quite frankly, it’s all a mess and I have yet to run into one person who likes it….but alas, here we are.

If you’re like us, working remotely and still doing business, congrats! I’m sure business has changed for you and everyone is trying to think of new ways to market services/products to stay alive. Politics aside, we hope that we can help you out in these crazy times with 3 ways to help your online business.

  • Take a Moment to Rethink Your Website
    In other words, give your website an audit. What is working for you, what isn’t? Do you have a project gallery that needs to be updated? (Don’t worry, we’re in the same boat…but we plan to launch our new site something this year) Let us help you! We work in WordPress, make it easy for you to update and take control of your site, we can host your site with many features, and even can do monthly maintenance. Want to see some up-to-date sites we’ve been working on? Just shoot us an email.
  • Market Yourself Online with Ads
    Google Ads and Facebook ads are everywhere these days. You can be thinking about Q-Tips one second, hop on Instagram and boom…you’re inundated with ads about Q-Tips or environmentally friendly, multi-use plastic swabs. Crazy! Point is, have you utilized this platform for your business? Google Adwords usually gives away a couple of hundred dollars in first-time credits–why not take advantage?
  • Start Selling Online
    Right now, there are lots of businesses in the world that need an online store to sell their products and we can help by building eCommerce sites. The great news is there are lots of options available for you to build eCommerce stores, like WooCommerce (since we are a predominately WordPress-based company).WooCommerce is a free plugin that pairs perfectly with WordPress so you can build an online store from your existing site, or build one from scratch for a minimal cost*! By building an online store, you’ll be helping your business keeping it up and running!

There you have it, 3 easy ways to help you with your online business. Interested in one or more? Shoot us an email and let’s get a conversation going. We offer free advice and estimates on any project and a few times a year offer free web audits too (usually a $375 fee but keep checking the link for when we open them). We’re here for you and your business!