Top stories will stop using AMP as an eligibility factor starting Thursday.

Google is now rolling out the page experience update, Google said the rollout is happening very slowly and will take place through the end of August 2021.

The announcement. Google said on Twitter “the page experience update is now slowly rolling out (Top Stories will begin using this new signal by Thursday). It will be complete by the end of August 2021.”

Top stories. Starting Thursday, June 17, Google will start using the page experience signals for eligibility into the top stories carousel and section.

Don’t expect huge ranking changes. As a reminder, you should not expect huge ranking changes in Google Search for this release. This will be a slow rollout and Google originally said do not expect drastic changes. “While this update is designed to highlight pages that offer great user experiences, page experience remains one of many factors our systems take into account… Given this, sites generally should not expect drastic changes,” said Google.