Here at The Collective, we absolutely love dogs. And tacos. And wine….but mostly dogs. So, after you all go out and vote in Tampa today, please take some time to donate to the local Tampa Bay Humane Society. Here’s and excerpt:

Where would Grace have been without the gracious support of generous people like you?

You saved her. Grace was a breeding machine in a puppy mill for 6 years when her body ceased to reproduce. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay rescued Grace from the certain death that dogs like her face when they become “useless” to their owner. We gave her a fantastic future with an amazing family who adores her.

Please make a gift today. A gift will provide lifesaving care to pets like Grace. On behalf of the pets who will be served by your generosity, thank you so very much.
With sincere gratitude,

Sherry Silk
Chief Executive Officer

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