Following a gruelling 5-day marathon of seemingly never ending Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, David Canfield of Symplebyte has drawn up a hitlist of the 8 biggest mistakes that presenters make.In this article he looks at the common mistakes and how these can be avoided.

I’ve just come back from a gruelling week of corporate meetings, a 5-day marathon of seemingly never-ending Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. As the person in charge of marketing and IT, part of my job is to be the contact point for all of the attendees, folks ranging from 1st-year sales reps to divisional presidents, COOs and CEOs. Everyone is required to send me their presentations in advance, so that they can all be put on a single computer. If I get them in time, I usually go through them quickly and fix any of the obvious problems. Human nature being what it is though, most people actually gave me their presentation the morning they were presenting, usually on a memory stick with the words ‘I made some last-minute changes, just put this one in instead…’. Sometimes this doesn’t work quite as well as they would like.

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